Wake up beautiful!

Theories go, this sounds far-fetched to the point of being, well, beyond barking. I have been told in all seriousness that the sudden shock to the system of being jolted out of sleep by an alarm clock or mobile phone can ‘undo all the goodness of a deep sleep and leave the skin dull, tired and stressed’.

Eek! What to do? Most of us would never get goingwithout an alarm. On the other hand, waking up gently, with the help of a special alarm that slowly lights up to a full strength daylight effect is actually beneficial for the skin.

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Are brown spots or wrinkles causing you concern?

Brown spots are caused by cumulative sun exposure over time and lead to an uneven skin tone that can appear ageing. The formation of brown patches may also be due to changes in hormone levels but sun-exposure also plays a key role in their development. These ‘sun spots’can be a challenge to eradicate as cell renewal in the skin slows with age…

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Packing Like A (Skin) Pro

I often get asked how to prepare for all eventualities when packing for holidays and I wish I could say I could get everything into one of those tiny holdalls that you can take onboard-but forget that, as I told Red magazine. A girl needs to be prepared and not restricted to those diminutive plastic bags for toiletries…..

“As an Irish Dermatologist with fair skin, when I’m travelling to hot climates I’m pretty obsessive about sun protection. I go to Ibiza every summer, and travel to dermatology conferences, too, usually in Europe.

I was recently at one in Monte Carlo, for example, where a lot of meetings were held outside. I wear sun block all year round whereever I am, because I always think it’s about preventing potential problems, like skin cancer, and keeping my skin looking young. Sunglasses, hats and cover-ups are vital too, and I avoid the sun as much as possible between 11am and 3pm; I’m a long lunch and siesta person.

Sunscreen is of course my number one item and I prefer Sunsense Daily Face SPF 50+.”

Red Magazine, August 2010

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