What to do when acne and wrinkles co-exist, Part 3!

So our imperfection-free epidermis is glowing so brightly, passers-by don shades to cope with the glare…how do we deal with any irregularities in the deeper layer of the skin, the dermis?

Those little dimples due to a lingering pimple (so often below the corners of the mouth where that pre-menstrual break-out lasts far longer our actual period) or those first fine lines between the brows, around the eyes or from nose to mouth…..

Almost every woman in her 30s needs a little something here. Most acne scars will respond beautifully to in-office medical needling, now that we’ve got our fibroblasts functioning uber-efficiently. This also happens to be a fantastic treatment for fine lines and wrinkles-ultimately you want to trigger a healing response, which leads to new collagen being laid down. This can be combined with Restylane Vital, an injectable form of hyaluronic acid which produces superb results when combined with dermaroller treatments-what we refer to in the business as the Gel Needling Lift.

Individual deeper lines in the upper face (forehead, brows and crows lines) melt away with Botox-the soft approach is so much more natural and seeks to smooth creases and discourage excessive movement, rather than to freeze (so 5 years ago). This is a much more natural, harmonious look in a young, animated face and I think lends balance and proportion-nothing is more distracting than an excessively mobile forehead or a deeply furrowed brow in an otherwise feminine visage . Certainly this tends to be the commonest first step for someone coming into a cosmetic dermatologist’s office for the first time and can make a tremendously positive impact on your appearance (it’s also the reason for the gratuitous inclusion of a picture of the delicious Dr Christian Troy from Nip/Tuck-who produced one of my favourite fictional injectable-related plots).

Lower face lines need dermal filler-gradual replacement over a couple of treatments will just re-inforce and support an area of weakness and should never look stuffed. Working with fillers is as much an art as it is a science so be sure the person you choose has the same sense of aesthetics you do. Look at their face for evidence of fillers-do they look natural and youthful or do they look like they’ve had too much of their own product? Choose accordingly….

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