Bat For Lashes

I’ve been toying for sometime with how best to address my lash-related inadequacy issues. Its seems that beauty-savvy women barely leave the house these days without a few strategically placed individual false lashes to give that Bambi-esque gaze…and as for full-on evening glamour, get out your Mac She’s Bad (love that name) appendages or don’t even bother turning up. I’m not a natural with false eye-lashes-cue hilarious laptop-in-bathroom scene  with a youtube “how to…” video playing for the nth time as I tried to do a Poison Ivy look for NYE. So I started exploring the world of lash augmentation.

Peptides for skin are sexy… eyelash stimulators are sexy…. So what
could be hotter than a peptide- based eyelash stimulator?? Duh.

The beauty of this approach is that there is no risk of iris
pigmentation, where the coloured bit of the eye can turn brown- the only reason why I haven’t given Latisse a go so far. I have
green eyes and I want to keep them that way (it’s more Irish!)

And for the science bit… the
active ingredient is Myristoyl pentapeptide-17, as opposed to
bimatoprost, the prostaglandins analogue found in Latisse which can cause pigmentation of the skin around the eye and the iris.
So the product de jour is Elastilash from Obagi. Reports are amazing-as was the
rapturous review given to me by the pharmacist who was sporting Brooke
Shields-esque fringes along her lash-lines. 7 out of 10 women noticed significant improvement in thickness and length after just 6 weeks-worth a try, methinks. And presumably less likely to result in an insect-like attachment on my cheek half-way through dinner…

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