Stuck In Madrid…update from the never-moving queue at the airport

In an attempt to use my time queuing as productively as possible, my
thoughts turned to my Xmas blog update. Aside from asking Santa for a
private jet to fly me home to London (whilst magically finding an
airstrip that is operational despite a light frosting of snow), what
else would I like to find in my stocking?
1) A super-sized bottle of Fracas by Robert Piguet. My signature scent
for so many years, and something I’m always delighted to stock up on.
2) Shinso Essence and Mist. I’m obsessed. These products sink into the
skin in seconds, have an immediate tightening effect, elicit magnificent radiance and are the
ultimate beauty emergency rescue: so vital in preparation for New
Years Eve after the indulgence of Xmas and essential for eliminating
grey- face syndrome in dreary January. Plus the rose/grapefruit scent
is very uplifting.
3) A pair of Comme Il Faut tango shoes from Buenos Aires-nothing to do
with skincare other than for the fact that my skin never looks better
than after dancing the Argentine tango whilst wearing the Manolo
Blahnik of tango shoes!
4) The entire collection of Tom Ford lipsticks- I haven’t worn
anything other than gloss for years but something about the perfection
of the colours, texture of the product and womanly aura of applying
lipstick using a little gold compact in public makes me crave them.
5) The perfect eye make-up remover. I’m not sure this exists yet. A
product that melts mascara in a heartbeat, erases eyeliner in moments,
doesn’t leave a greasy trail on your lower lids…and doesn’t leave
enough product behind to give panda-eyes on the morning. It’s not much
to ask….!

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