Breaking News From The British Cosmetic Dermatology Conference

Anti-ageing medicine is a rapidly advancing specialty with a multitude of new treatments hitting the ground running at any point in time….and so it’s always exciting to attend the British Association of Cosmetic Dermatologists annual meeting to hear about the latest innovations, as I did last week (hence the tardy posting this weekend!).

So what did I learn….cryolipolysis is the new Smartlipo (according to the highly regarded Dr Chris Zachary)-if you have the time and the budget. Laser may be a novel answer to fungal nail infections. And the fascinating (and amusingly outspoken) Dr Moshe Lapidoth spoke  vividly about combination treatments, a subject that resonated with me tremendously. He clearly operates on the very modern wavelength that  its not enough to have an absence of wrinkles-youthful skin is smooth of epidermis, plump and resilient of dermis and undimpled and voluminous of subcutis.

I think that this is absolutely right; no one treatment will deal with all 3 layers of the skin precisely and therapeutics need to be targeted accordingly. Similarly, as pre-eminent Brazilian plastic surgeon Dr Mauricio de Maio told me, you have to harmonize the 3 thirds of the face-Botox alone to the frown area is unlikley to rejuvenate a face in the 5th decade of life; you need fillers for volume replacement and sophisticated medical-grade topical agents for superficial refinement and glow.

I think that the understanding of this artistry is what makes this work so exciting-and it’s also what differentiates those who have simply learned the craft of facial rejuvenation from those born with that unique ability to see which tiny adjustments might make the world of difference to the aesthetic balance of a face.

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