The Insider’s Guide To A Close Shave

I took a fascinating journey into the complex art of manscaping in recent times through my work with Wilkinson Sword. Now, as a dermatologist, I see the problems men experience as a consequence of this daily ritual all too often. Ingrown hairs, shaving bumps, pseudofolliculitis barbae…..its enough to make any grown man weep. But current trends have resulted in this rather tedious necessity evolving into a spa-like experience all by itself. In fact the fascinating kids at the Future Laboratory identified 3 distinct categories of shaver-the straight shaver, no non-sense manly types who are inspired by the likes of Daniel Craig (pictured left, couldn’t resist). Then we have the sharp shaver, typical of the type of chap who has his suits tailor-made and buys his brief-case at Bottega-think Mark Ronson or David Gandy. And finally we have the spa shaver who takes time to enjoy the grooming experience that is as much pampering as it is practicality. I’m thinking Jude Law. Irrespective of your “type”, whether you just want to be hair-free or you fancy fashioning a natty goatee, the right technique and the right equipment are paramount. For my advice on how to get the perfect shave and how to avoid pesky problems in the process, click below

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