Skin-care reboot: A/W 2010 style

You wouldn’t dream of entering the new season without a few key new pieces to update your look (shearling aviator:check, camel everything: double-check). But the same applies to your beauty routine; there are things that work for summer that simply do not fly for fall.

1) Don’t over-exfoliate.

Winter weather means central-heating and drier skin, which is more fragile. There has been an explosion of cleansers with muslin cloths and vibrating brushes, all kinds of bells and whistles to add novelty to your cleansing regime and encourage exfoliation.  But remember there is no need to exfoliate more often than once or twice a week, however satisfying those little granules feel grinding away at your skin!

2) Keep up your UV protection-but try a richer formulation.

I was sitting next to a photobiology scientist at a dinner last night who’s interest lies in UVA-he reinforced what I’ve always felt;that UVA is a major issue for premature ageing as it penetrates the skin more deeply than UVB, it constitutes 95% of the sun’s UV rays and it can travel through glass and cloud cover. We also get significant levels of it it in spring and autumn, even when it doesn’t feel particularly warm out. The simple rule is if its bright enough to wear sunglasses, you should be wearing sunscreen. But you may need a more nourishing product than for summer-try Boots Protect and Perfect Intense Day Cream with SPF15 and that vital 5-star UVA protection.

3) Get your glow on with home needling.

Come September, summer’s (fake) tan fades and the skin’s natural pallor is revealed. Make pale skin pop with health and radiance with a nifty home dermaroller.

Now as you know, I’m a huge fan of the medical dermaroller-the so-called credit-crunch Fraxel…..this is an in-office procedure and needs topical anaesthetic. BUT you can also get a home-version. This is not designed to go as deep and doesn’t require anaesthetic-but what it does is help improve the condition of the epidermis (your skin’s top layer)  and enhance the penetration of your products-which is great news if you’re using a retinoid or other “active” that you want to nudge into the dermis (where your collagen and elastin get made) leading to a tremendous all-year-round lustre. My personal preference is for the Genuine Dermaroller Home Kit-I take mine with me everywhere and facials have become a thing of the past. So economic….now about that Burberry shearling…..

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