Judging Stylist Magazine Beauty Awards-A Million Girls Would Kill For This Job….

I was delighted to be asked to perform this “task” by the lovely girls at Stylist Magazine……I simply had to trial around 160 of the latest additions to the cosmetics world ranging from the most basic to the most techie DNA-poleaxing growth-factor stimulating products on the market. Not to mention around 25 fake-tans (which left me looking like I had some sort of pigmentation disorder) NB if you ever try this at home, I highly recommend avoiding skirts for a week as no two shades are the same….yep, I tried at least 5 at once.

It was a fascinating journey……obviously I can’t give away the winners (in my humble opinion) prior to the awards ceremony in November (does this justify buying a rocking new frock? Yes, I think it does). BUT it did confirm my original belief that you don’t have to ask for a bank loan to keep your skin looking fabulous.

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