Packing Like A (Skin) Pro

I often get asked how to prepare for all eventualities when packing for holidays and I wish I could say I could get everything into one of those tiny holdalls that you can take onboard-but forget that, as I told Red magazine. A girl needs to be prepared and not restricted to those diminutive plastic bags for toiletries…..

“As an Irish Dermatologist with fair skin, when I’m travelling to hot climates I’m pretty obsessive about sun protection. I go to Ibiza every summer, and travel to dermatology conferences, too, usually in Europe.

I was recently at one in Monte Carlo, for example, where a lot of meetings were held outside. I wear sun block all year round whereever I am, because I always think it’s about preventing potential problems, like skin cancer, and keeping my skin looking young. Sunglasses, hats and cover-ups are vital too, and I avoid the sun as much as possible between 11am and 3pm; I’m a long lunch and siesta person.

Sunscreen is of course my number one item and I prefer Sunsense Daily Face SPF 50+.”

Red Magazine, August 2010

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    • John M
    • October 4th, 2010

    I see SUNSENSE Daily Face SPF 50+ is non-oily and promises a matt finish, so I gather it’s for oily skin.
    I’d like to suggest you also check out “Invisible Zinc ESP Environmental Skin Protector” from another Australian company named Ganehill.
    I have oily acne-prone skin and I’ve struggled to find a sunscreen containing exclusively physical UV blockers (reasons: they are photostable & do not absorb into the dermis and I can’t bother reapplying) that would also not make my skin shine in the next few hours or breakout the next morning. If it weren’t for Invisible Zinc ESP I would still be looking.

    • It’s interesting that this product is good with acne-prone skin as whilst I have most faith in physical blocks in terms of UVB and UVA protection, they do often trigger break-outs because the coat the skin and can block the follicles. However this is micronized, which perhaps makes it less comedogenic. Plus zinc actually has anti-inflammatory properties and is in sometimes used to treat acne so this may result in a good balance.

        • John M
        • October 5th, 2010

        My experience has been that both physical and chemical sunscreens make me breakout sooner or later. At least chemical sunscreens formulated for oily skin don’t make my face shiny as much.
        I too have wondered what it is in physical sunscreens that makes me breakout and I have come to the conclusion that the offending factor is primarily the oil that these products typically contain, as a means of coating titanium dioxide in order to protect from its photocatalytic properties and possibly suspending the active ingredients evenly in the cream.
        Breaking with that tradition, Invisible Zinc ESP feels watery during application and it dries down pretty quickly to a non-oily finish that stays throughout the day. They probably achieve this by using exclusively zinc oxide – titanium dioxide would require coating with oil, usually some form of stearic acid – and special blending techniques and packaging.
        It is worth noting that the recently released and similar in concept “Sheer Physical UV Defense SPF 50” by SkinCeuticals promises also to be lightweight but, according to the application instructions, it needs to be shaken well before use to ensure even distribution of the active ingredients. That sounds like an imponderable factor to me.

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